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"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
Arthur Koestler – author, political essayist


The Impact of the Nortel Patent Auction – Patent Strategy in 2012

by Orlando Lopez

Many of the presenters at last week’s ICAP Summit on Patent Strategy-Navigating the Catalina Channel discussed the necessity of and enhanced awareness on managing the intangible assets, a.k.a. patent strategy, in large, medium-sized and small enterprises.  Last year’s Nortel patent auction, where the IP assets produced a revenue over $4 billion larger than any of the other Nortel assets, has contributed to the enhanced awareness on the importance of patent strategy.

From another viewpoint, the importance of patent strategy also appears in the liability of officers and directors for actions related to the lack of sufficient IP protection, as outlined in a webinar presented this week by West LegalEd Center, in which two of my colleagues at Burns &  Levinson were presenters.

Thanks partially due to the Nortel patent auction, 2012 finds patent strategy being of interest to the corporate management.